Who's Who In Nuclear Waste

The Nevada Nuclear Waste Study Committee: The Nuclear Industry's Surrogate in Nevada

The Nevada Nuclear Waste Study Committee, or "The Study Committee" as it is now known, was established in 1984 by the public relations and lobbying arm of the commercial nuclear power industry to develop support in Nevada for a high-level radioactive waste repository in Nevada. Similar committees designed to pose as "grass roots citizens organizations" were established in Texas and Washington, the two other states which originally contained potential repository sites nominated for characterization. Those other committees were abandoned when Nevada's Yucca Mountain was singled out as the only site to be studied in 1987. The Study Committee was originally funded by the American Nuclear Energy Council (ANEC) to disseminate information and influence public opinion. Today, the Study Committee receives its money through the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), which replaced ANEC as the industry's public relations and lobbying entity.

The Study Committee maintains an office in Las Vegas and operates with co-directors for southern and northern Nevada. The Committee's newsletter, "The Nevada Monitor," is published periodically and maintains an editorial perspective supportive of DOE's Yucca Mountain program and advocating industry positions on nuclear waste issues.

The Study Committee does not disclose the fact that it is a nuclear industry organization. It seeks to pass itself off as an organization dedicated to "assuring the scientific study of Yucca Mountain and benefits for Nevadans." Recent issues of the "Monitor" have been characterized by personal attacks on State officials who oppose locating a repository or interim storage facility in Nevada or who are critical of DOE's work at Yucca Mountain.

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