Will Nuclear Waste Travel Through Your State?

The Congressional decision to single-out Yucca Mountain as the nation's proposed site for the disposal of irradiated fuel from commercial nuclear power plants and high-level nuclear wastes from defense and weapons facilities raises the question of how this highly radioactive waste would be transported to Nevada. The Agency for Nuclear Projects has received numerous requests for specific transportation information regarding Nevada and the many other affected states.

Since 1989, the Agency has sponsored studies of the highway and rail routes that likely would be used for shipping spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste to the proposed repository site at Yucca Mountain, about 80 miles northwest of Las Vegas. Potentially, more than 43 states could be affected by nuclear waste transportation. The following routing maps are an essential part of the State of Nevada's assessment of the transportation impacts and risks associated with locating a national high-level nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain.

U.S. Map of Probable Routes

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