Community Involvement Activities

Off-Site Contamination Studies

Community Health Studies and Activities

Occupational Health Studies

Brookhaven (NY) Ongoing priority setting Groundwater monitoring; public health assessment Long Island Breast Cancer Study Ongoing assessment of cancer among workers
ETEC (CA) Ongoing advisory panel None None Multi-phased study of worker health
Fernald (OH) Health Effects Subcommittee Ongoing public health assessment; radon monitoring Ongoing morbidity and mortality studies; risk assessment study; planned epidemiologic study; health care provider training Worker exposure studies; worker health registry; mortality studies of workers; exposure assessment
Hanford Health Effects Subcommittee; Native American outreach; Hanford Health Information Network Ongoing public health assessment; tribal cooperative agreements with tribes to assess exposures; Columbia River Dose Reconstruction Model Individual dose assessment study; infant mortality, fetal death, and post mortem birth study; iodine-131 exposure registry; thyroid disease study (1)Mortality study of workers; study of heat stress; Health and medical screening programs; lung cancer and leukemia case-control studies; studies of exposures to radiation and toxic chemicals; model occupational safety and health surveillance system
Monticello Site (UT) Community involvement program Continuing remediation of Monticello vicinity properties Public health assessment for 5 year periods from 1967 - 1996 Follow-up studies of former uranium mill workers
Mound Plant (OH) None None Neighborhood health survey Multi-phase study of worker health outcomes; ongoing worker surveillance
NEVADA TEST SITE None None None Job stress study; retrospective study of former construction workers' health
Nuclear Naval Shipyard Workers Restoration advisory boards None None Worker mortality studies; leukemia studies; largest ever cancer mortality study
Oak Ridge (TN) Health education programs; physician education programs; community health surveys Public health assessment - exposures to off site populations Public health assessments; community health surveys Beryllium Worker Medical Surveillance Program; Former Worker Program; Worker medical evaluations; Job stressor studies; heat stress study; worker mortality studies; lung cancer and leukemia studies; chemical workers mortality study; multiple myeloma case-control study; bladder cancer study
Paducah (KY)

Active community outreach activities; surveys; educational activities Assessment of off-site exposures (air, biota, water) None Former Worker Medical Surveillance Program
Pantex (TX) Ongoing public health outreach through advisory boards, labor, community groups Ongoing monitoring of off-site areas Active surveillance studies of birth defects Worker mortality studies; job stressor studies; female worker studies
Portsmouth (OH) None None None Former Worker Medical Surveillance Program
Rocky Flats (CO) Rocky Flats Health Advisory Panel; active community outreach and education Rocky Flats Historical Public Exposures Studies; independent review of radioactivity in soil Multi phase dose reconstruction study Worker exposure studies; cancer incidence study; updated mortality study; lung cancer study; female workers study; plutonium-induced lung fibrosis study; Sentinel Exposure Event Surveillance and Evaluation; Medical monitoring program for former workers; Beryllium Surveillance Program
Savannah River (SC) Savannah River Health Effects Subcommittee; community outreach activities Multi phase Environmental Dose Reconstruction; risk-based screening analysis for health effects of exposures to radioactive and chemical materials Ongoing health communication strategy; community needs assessment study Lung cancer and leukemia studies; worker exposure studies; worker mortality studies; female workers studies; Savannah River Former Workers Medical Surveillance Program; Building Trades Medical Surveillance Program; Savannah River Worker Cohort Study

  1. Excerpted from "Draft Agenda for Public Health Activities for Fiscal Years 1999 and 2000 at U. S. Department of Energy Sites," U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (April 1, 1999).