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Dear Mr. Loux

The Department of Energy (DOE), as a separate federal agency, is not required to consult with the Air Force on transportation options they elect to evaluate as a result of NEPA public scoping comments, nor would the Air Force wish to impose constraints on their NEPA evaluation of prospective routes. The "Chalk Mountain Heavy Haul Route" was added to the Yucca Mountain Environmental Impact Assessment (EIS) process as a result of public scoping comments.

The Secretary of the Air Force has made the Air Force position clear, and it remains unchanged: the Air Force is opposed to any route through the Nellis Air Force Range because of the significant disruption to Air Force test and training activities. I would add, the Department of Energy is well aware of this opinion. The Secretary also stated, however, that the Air Force is "committed to working with the State of Nevada, the Department of Energy, and Congressional committees in reaching a satisfactory solution."

We have close interaction with Yucca Mountain Project and will continue this close relationship. Our expectations are they will continue to consult with the Air Force as they evaluate transportation options. The "Chalk Mountain Heavy Haul Route" will not be included in the Nellis Range Renewal EIS as a fully evaluated option. If the Yucca Mountain Project includes it in their EIS, our EIS will include a brief statement possibly in the cumulative effects portion, with references to the Yucca Mountain EIS and their analysis.


Major General, USAF

cc: Mgr, YMSCO (Mr. Barnes)


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