The State of Nevada Agency for Nuclear Projects seeks to contract with a qualified individual or firm to provide assistance in overseeing ongoing and future spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste transportation planning, impact assessment, monitoring, and mitigation activities relative to the possible effects of a high-level radioactive waste repository or temporary storage facility in southern Nevada. The Agency is seeking qualifications statements from individuals or firms demonstrating the following:
1.   An academic background reflective of a firm grounding in public policy, planning, or related fields.
2.Extensive experience with high-level nuclear waste and/or hazardous materials transportation, especially at the level of State and local government planning.
3.Thorough knowledge of the federal high-level nuclear waste disposal program, especially the transportation aspects/requirements of the program.
4.Experience in the review and development of regulations and legislation relative to the safe transportation of radioactive materials.
5.Demonstrated ability and experience in working effectively with State and local officials with regard to transportation activities and in effectively communicating with diverse publics on the issue.
6.A demonstrated ability to effectively work with and provide liaison to the broader academic and professional community, including the national Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board, the National Transportation Research Board, and other such entities.
7.A thorough understanding and knowledge of potential high-level waste transportation routes and issues specific to the State of Nevada.
8.Familiarity with Western States transportation issues.
Applicants must submit a statement of qualifications together with the billing rate being proposed to the Nevada Agency for Nuclear Projects, Capitol Complex, Carson City, Nevada 89710, by 5pm on Friday, February 19, 1999. Address questions or inquiries to Joe Strolin, Planning Division Administrator, at (702) 687-3744.