The Transportation of Spent Nuclear Fuel and High-Level Radioactive Waste

A Systematic Basis for Planning and Management at the National, Regional, and Community Levels

Prepared By
Planning Information Corporation
Denver, Colorado
September, 1996

9.   Other Transportation Choice Factors

Utility transportation choice decisions will reflect factors in addition to current near-site infrastructure and pool capabilities—e.g., federal policy, utility choice criteria, changes in near-site infrastructure cask handling capabilities, or site community characteristics.

Federal Policies

Utility Choice Criteria

Utilities will have different sets of transportation choice criteria, based on their financial positions, their nuclear waste and other transportation experiences, their relationships with nearby communities, etc. Given the same origin site circumstances, utility "A" might choose to upgrade for rail shipment while utility "B," approaching the same decision from a different perspective, might choose to avoid upgrades and ship by truck.

Changes At or Near Origin Sites

Changes at or near origin sites will affect utility transportation choices at the time those choices must be made—generally, five to ten years from now. For example,

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