Department of Energy 
Nevada Operations Office
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Nov 21 1997
W. J. Arthur, III, DOE/AL, Albuquerque, NM
J. S Johnson, DOE/A-O Amarillo.TX
Jack Tillman, Grand Junction Office, Grand Junction, CO
J. A. Legare, DOE/RFFO, Golden, CO
J. T. Davis, DOE/OAK, Oakland CA
R. R. Nelson, DOE/OR' Oak Ridge, TN
Johnny Reising, DOE/FEMP Cincinnati, OH
J. P. Pardise, DOE/RMI, Ashtabula, OH
0. L. Vincent DOE Miamisburg, Miamisburg, OH
Edward Patenaude, DOE Pinellas, Largo, FL
M. O. Giblin ERD, DOE/NV, Las Vegas, NV


Reference: Memorandun, Dever to Distribution, dtd 10/10/97

Our office received Low-level Radioactive (LLRW) forecasts for FY 1998 as requested in the referenced memorandum. The total forecast from all the generators for FY 1998 is 697,348 cubic feet. Based on this forecast it was determined by Bechtel Nevada that the planning fee rate of $8.50 per cubic foot would remain the actual fee for FY 1998. This fee would apply to all LLRW, including classified. Other federal customers will also need to include the DOE/NV Added Factor. Generators sending mixed waste to the NTS for disposal (currently restricted to on-site generators) will need to add $ 26 per ton to the LLW rate in order to cover fee charged by the state of Nevada for mixed waste disposal. Additional costs associated with wastes requiring special handling will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

In order to continue toward the Site Agreement letters as described in the referenced memorandum we request that you submit revised forecast (Enclosure I of the referenced memorandum) based on this notification. Considering the fee did not change from the planning rate, in place of revising your forecast you may transmit a telefax to Wendy A. Clayon, Waste Management Division at (702) 295- 1153, indicating that you would like your current forecast to remain in effect. Please submit either a revised forecast or the telefax notification by December 5, 1997. Upon receipt of your revision or notification, a Site Agreement will be forwarded for your signature.

Note that This fee will be adjuster during the fiscal year on actual volume received. For instance, the 697,348 cubic feet does not include waste volume from Johnston Atoll or Oak Ridge. This decision was made due to the uncertainty of DOE/NV gaining the authority to grant approval for shipment of LLRW from their facilities to Nevada Test Site during FY 1998. If Shipment approval is determined to be imminent or is granted, the total forecast would be revised and the fee will likely be revised. Site Agreements for all facilities would be modified as necessary to accommodate any rate fluctuation.

As a reminder, no waste can be accepted until funding is received.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Clayton at (702) 295-5751.

Carl P. Gertz
Carl P. Gertz, Acting Assistant Manager
for Environmental management


Michael Swietzer, DOE/AL, Albuquerque, NM
W.C. Schleyer, LRRI, Albuquerque, NM
Laura Pendlebury, DOE/AAO, Amarillo, TX
T. B. Plesinger, DOE Grand Junction, Grand Junction, CO
M. E. Stokadle, DOE/KCAO, Allied Signal, Kansas City, MO
T. P. Pietrok, DOE/KAO, Albuquerque, NM
D. A Osburn, DOE/OAK, Livermore, CA
Roy Kearns, DOE/OAK, Livermore, CA
K.J.Harnett, DOE/OAK, Oakland, CA
W.C. Gilbert, DOE/OR, Oak Ridge, TN
D.M. Rast, DOE/FEMP, Cincinnati, OH
R.S. Rotman, DOE Miamisburg, Miamisburg, OH
G.C. Schmidtke, DOE Pinellas, Largo, FL
Regina Sarter, DOE/FFFO, Golden, CO
Benerito Martinez, Kirkland AFB, Albuquerque, NM
d. a. Bedson, FCDSW/FCIS, Mercury, NV