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September 10, 1998

Mr. Carl Gertz
Assistant Manager for Environmental Management
U.S. Department of Energy
Nevada Operations Office
P.O. Box 08518
Las Vegas NV 89193-8518

Dear Mr. Gertz;

On August 31. 1998, you made a presentation to the City of Las Vegas Yucca Mountain Nuclear Repository Committee which provided updates on the status of the low level radioactive waste shipments which transit Hoover Dam and the Las Vegas valley. In that presentation, you indicated your support for the concept of keeping future shipments off the Dam and out of the Las Vegas valley.

Recently, I was Informed that Tri-State Motor Transit Co. (TSMT) of Joplin, Missouri, had notified you by letter that they would no longer transport the low level waste from Fernald, Ohio, across Hoover Dam and through the Las Vegas valley. They indicated they were taking these initiatives in response to stakeholder concerns that had been expressed by the Las Vegas community. TSMT further indicated that the routes chosen for shipments would be north and south of the Las Vegas valley and Clark County.During our August 31st meeting, I expressed my concerns about these shipments for the obvious public health and safety reasons, as well as my concerns for the Southern Nevada water supply which I feel is at risk with shipments continuing across the Dam.

I feel this initiative from Tri-State Motor Transit Company is an excellent positive step in response to the resolutions that were passed by the City of Las Vegas, Clark County. Boulder City, and the City of North Las Vegas which stated,, for the record, the opposition by the ele

As Mayor of Las Vegas, I want the Department of Energy (DOE) to understand that I fully support the program of Tri-State Motor Transit Company to remove these shipments from the Las Vegas valley and Hoover Dam. Even though some additional costs may be incurred, I feel the concerns of the public and the potential radiological risks that would be mitigated make these extra costs worthwhile.

I certainly hope your office and the DOE will support this welcome initiative.

Jan Laverty Jones

City of Las Vegas

City of Las Vegas Yucca Mountain Nuclear Repository Committee:
Michael Mc Donald. Councilman
Virginia Valentine, City Manager

Cathy Hanson, Director of Communications
Dennis Bechtel, Manager, Clark County Nuclear
Waste Office
Jim Bilbray Alcalde & Fay
Joei Carroll-Maxwell, Tri-State Motor Transit Co.