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May 6, 1998


K. A. Hays Chaney, DOE/HQ (EM -38) CLVRLF


Enclosed is a copy of the final draft proposal for Joint DOE/State Low-level Waste Oversight Program for your review and concurrence. DOE/NV and the state of Nevada held a meeting on April 29, 1998 to finalize the proposed agreement in accordance with DOE Headquarters (DOE/HQ) guidance received from Mark W. Frei, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Waste management, on march 12, 1998. "Department of Energy Guidance for Discussions with State of Nevada on Low-Level Waste Disposal Operations at the Nevada Test Site." As suggested in the memorandum, this proposal would be an attachment to the existing Agreement- in-Principle.

Both parties agree that this proposal was an acceptable "partnership" that supports the federal low-level waste disposal mission at the NTS. The role of the state for oversight is similar to that of the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board, wherein the state provides recommendations to DOE without regulating the Department's activities.

Once we have received DOE/HQ concurrence, the agreement will be submitted to the state for their concurrence. No issues are currently anticipated as the development of the proposal was a joint effort between DOE/NV, DOE/HQ, and the state of Nevada. We have committed to the state to completing the attachment and having it ready for signature by June 1, 1998.

We appreciate your guidance and helpful suggestions in the creation of this "partnership." If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact me at (702) 295-7063.

Carl P. Gertz, Assistant manager
for Environmental Management


As stated.

J.J Fiore, DOE/HQ (EM-42) FORS
M. W. Frei, DOEHDQ (EM-34) FORS
J.A. Turi, DOE/HQ (EM-36) CLVRLF
P.M. Bubar, DOE/HQ (EM-35) CLVRLF
C.S. Monroe III, DOE/HQ (GC-51) FORS
W.F. Spurgeon, DOE/JQ (EM-45)CLVRLF

cc w/o encl:
P.J. Liebendorfer, NDEP, Carson City, NV
J.B. Walker, NWPO, Carson City, NV
S.A. Hejazi, OCC, DOE/NV, Las Vegas, NV
E.F. Disanza, WMD, DOE/NV, Las Vegas, NV
S. A. Mellington, EM, DOE/NV, Las Vegas, NV

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