Department of Energy

Washington, DC 20585
June 11, 1997

The Honorable Bob Miller
Governor of Nevada
Carson City, Nevada 89710

Dear Governor Miller:

In you letter of October 3, 1996, you proposed the concept of joint Federal/State regulatory oversight over low-level waste disposal at the Nevada Test Site. Although the Department of Energy (DOE) believes that some form of State oversight may be desirable, there are currently legal concerns that must be addressed before considering state regulations of DOE activities in the area of nuclear safety.

Therefor, our initial suggested strategy for implementation of this concept is to amend the existing Agreement-in-Principle between the DOE Nevada Operations Office and the State to identify activities in which, consistent with current regulatory and legal requirements, the State might participate to assist DOE in the oversight of low-level waste disposal. We are open to exploring other mechanisms to involve the State appropriately in the oversight process, and we would like to pursue strategies for implementation with you or your representatives.

We will contact your office within the next two weeks to arrange a time for our offices to meat and identify specific concerns and discuss implementation strategies. Our key point of contact for this effort is G. Leah Dever, Assistant Manager for Environmental Management at the Nevada Operations Office. Please feel free to call her at (702) 295-7063

Alvin L. Alm
Assistant Secretary for
Environmental Management

Lew Dodgion, Administrator
 Division of Environmental protection
Gerald W. Johnson, Manager
 Nevada Operations Office


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