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Egan & Associates, P.C.

General Description

Egan & Associates, P.C. is a Washington D.C. law practice specializing in nuclear law matters, with offices in Washington, D.C., McLean, Virginia, and Reston, Virginia. The firm has handled some of the highest-profile nuclear matters in the world since its founding in 1994. The firm has numbered between two and seven attorneys, all of whom have had extensive experience in nuclear technology issues, and many of whom are nuclear engineers. Egan & Associates has practiced before the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Department of State, state and federal courts, and in commercial arbitration. Matters handled have included the full panoply of nuclear substantive issues, including transactions, contracts, permitting, licensing, regulatory approvals, rulemaking, litigation, adjudication, appeals, enforcement matters, legislation, lobbying, pivitization, international matters, design certifications, media relations, and labor issues.

The firm and its affiliates are highly skilled in dealing with controversial legal issues requiring frequent interfaces with the media, the environmental community, the arms control community, public interest groups and state and local governments. Our work has been cited hundreds of times in trade and general media publications and broadcasts. Egan & Associates is the only nuclear law practice in the U.S. that has represented the environmental community as well as the nuclear industry. For example, the firm has represented the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) pro bono on nuclear issues. The firm also has excellent relations with most of the public interest groups that involve themselves in nuclear energy matters, including Greenpeace, Nuclear Control Institute, Taxpayers Against Fraud, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and the Union for Concerned Scientists. Mr. Egan has been a technical consultant for Union for Concerned Scientists. Likewise, the firm has worked with (and is a member of) the Nuclear Energy Institute, the American Nuclear Society, and the International Nuclear Law Association. This month in Budapest, Hungary, Mr. Egan was elected United States Director of the International Nuclear Law Association.

Teaming Approach

The firm has remained small to avoid conflict issues, to competitively price its services, and to allow it to team with some of the best attorneys in the country for a given project, depending on the underlying substantive issue and the location of the client.

Egan & Associates typically serves as the client's "quarterback" on nuclear cases, bringing in other law firms and managing overall rates and services to control costs, ensure superior quality, and establish a fluid team responsive to the client's needs. Since its inception, the firm has lost only one significant nuclear legal matter -- a case representing Italy against the United States which was dismissed in federal court on political question grounds. Egan and Associates has on several occasions managed cases or transactions exceeding a billion dollars in value. One of the firm's cases was successfully settled for $250 million.

Egan & Associates has teamed with the following firms, among others:

Sullivan & Cromwell
Swidler & Berlin
LeBoeuf Lamb
White & Case
Nelson Mullins
Shaw Pittman
Morgan Lewis & Bockius
Sussman Godfrey
Arnold & Porter
Akin Gump
Spivey & Ainsworth
Morrison & Shelton
Fulbright & Jowarslci
Johnson & Gibbs
Cooper Carvin & Rosenthal
Wiggin & Dana
Miller Canfield
Strasburger & Price
Milberg Weiss

As discussed below, Egan & Associates proposes a teaming approach for representing Nevada in connection with the Yucca Mountain project.


The principal nuclear attorney proposed for this project is Joseph R. Egan., Mr. Egan, a nuclear engineer, is the owner and Chairman of Egan & Associates, P.C. His resume is attached as Exhibit No. 1.

The firm has the ability to draw upon a number of nuclear attorneys and nuclear regulatory experts on a project-specific basis. Likewise, the firm has worked with most of the credible nuclear and hydrogeologic experts in America. For this project, Egan & Associates proposes also to draw upon the services of a senior nuclear regulatory specialist who has worked for many years as an attorney for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and a seasoned nuclear litigation specialist who is also a highly-experienced nuclear licensing engineer. Between the two of them, they have handled over a hundred major NRC regulatory matters, including dozens of formal adjudicatory proceedings. Their resumes will be provided upon request.

Mr. Egan's Experience History With NRC

In addition to the matters covered in his resume, Mr. Egan has extensive experience in dealing with the NRC, both as a nuclear licensing engineer and nuclear reactor engineer, and as a nuclear lawyer who has practiced before NRC in formal and informal adjudicatory matters, rulemakings, enforcement proceedings, transactions, licensing, design certifications, and a plethora of other legal and regulatory issues.

Mr. Egan is extensively familiar with NRC regulations and its rules of practice, particularly in 10 CFR Part 2, Part 50, Part 20, Part 52, and in all radioactive waste areas. Among the matters Mr. Egan has personally handled as an attorney are the following:

Mr. Egan's Experience History in Energy Department Matters

Mr. Egan has extensive experience at Energy Department (DOE) legal matters and is intimately familiar with the workings and facilities of that department. He has successfully litigated both for and against DOE, and has handled permits and authorizations under 10 CFR Part 810 (for foreign technology transfers), contract matters under bilateral agreements for cooperation, National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) reviews and environmental impact statements and assessments, procurement matters, bid protests, radioactive waste authorizations, and a wide variety of nuclear policy issues involving DOE and, particularly, spent nuclear fuel disposition.

Among the matters handled by Mr. Egan were the following: