Public Comment to CDC:NIOSH from National Nuclear Workers for Justice

Public Comment from National Nuclear Workers for Justice on August 9, 2016

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health  (NIOSH) Advisory Board on  Radiation and Worker Health.
Please attach the letter dated July 16,  2004 with the SEC Tracking Number: 00011 to the public comments below:

My name is Vina Colley and I am a sick worker from the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion plant in Piketon, Ohio. I am also Co-Founder of National Nuclear Workers for Justice (NNWJ),Portsmouth/Piketon Residents for Environmental Safety and Security, a member of the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability, and a member of Military Toxic Project. I would like to thank everyone for giving me the opportunity to speak today.
I would like to submit a copy of a letter sent to me from the Department of Health and Human Service dated July 16, 2004 on behalf of many workers including workers from the Hanford site. SEC tracking Number: 00011 NIOSH. This petition had over 7600 signatures. The petition was put together by H. Gaidine Ogesbee, EEOICPA Claimant, member of National Nuclear Workers for Justice Gai was a sick worker from the Hanford site in Richland, WA and myself. In 2007, Gaidine also mentioned the petition at a meeting in Richland, WA.
I want to talk about the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion plant in Piketon, Ohio. We produced Highly Enriched Uranium to the highest grade for weapons. I also want to talk about Uranium Hex Florides that every worker on site would have been exposed to. The Piketon Gaseous Diffusion Plant also got Plutonium shipped in straight from West Valley, New York. Our Florides would have been mixed with Plutonium. We still have not been told that Plutonium has been on site since 1953 and started showing up on the equipment by 1962. Here it is, 16 years later and government agencies are " STUDYING US TO DEATH " hoping we all die so DOL doesn't have to pay medical bills for sick workers or home health care. NNWJ objects to the cutoff date of 1992 for workers at Piketon and all other sites because they continue to work in the same environment with contaminated equipment. The fact that historical records do not exist and what you do get has been known to be altered or destroyed, DOSE reconstruction cannot be accomplished! At any site you cannot reconstruct a dosage from something that doesn't exist. You do not have all the facts we expect the Department of Labor and NIOSH to do the right thing and stop this Dose Reconstruction and take the advice of Senator Jeff Bringaman of New Mexico, when he suggested that the DOL should rely more heavily on the word of applicants when DOE paperwork is not available for Dose Reconstruction. Workers at every site have paid a huge price! It should not be this hard or take this long to compensate our workers who sacrificed so much. It has been proven that studies have been Inconclusive by Design.


Vina Colley