Nevada Appeal

Friday, August 06, 2004

Yucca fight influencing voters in Silver State

Pollster Brad Coker's Mason-Dixon poll shows that Sen. John Kerry could carry Nevada because of the Yucca Mountain issue, and it is still affecting voters. How could this be? In the words of the ancient prophet, hove you not heard? have you not seen?

Attorney General Brian Sandoval said that Nevada scored an incredible victory in the recent federal district court decisions concerning the repos-itory. Premature claims of its death, as stated by Bob Loux, ore blatantly mis-leading. Attorney Joe Egan com-pounds irrationality by stating that the EPA "cannot meet" the 10,000-year radiation safety rule "because the radiation will leak like a sieve." How does Egan know? Will he best Methuselah by verifying this? Worse, why does the media allow these men to pass these statements off as fact?

News sources like CNN, Fox and NBC all declare that Nevada lost the recent court skirmishes. In fact, the Department of Energy has for many years exhibited responsible, docu-mented, scientific quality control in respect to storage of spent rods. Fur-ther, DOE should be able to surmount the 10,000-year burden by asking Congress to change the law, work with the EPA to rewrite the standard, or in the courts.

Finally, in due time, the spent fuel rods might be utilized in the future through new technology. Further, DOE is still moving forward with the license application for the repository. Evidently, Nevada voters know that the Yucca fight is not over, and that this fact will influence their choice for president.