Senator Harry Reid (D, NV)

For Immediate Release
Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Tessa Hafen or Sharyn Stein 202-224-9521

on the House Appropriations Committee's budget for Yucca Mountain

Today the House Appropriations Committee passed a bill that includes a $765 million budget for Yucca Mountain. That amount is outrageous, and it's insulting to Nevadans and all Americans.

It is down-right hypocritical for the House Republican leadership to talk about fiscal restraint and then pass a Yucca Mountain budget that large. That's money that could be used to boost Homeland Security by funding our first responders, emergency personnel and law enforcement officials.

I am confident that Nevada's Representatives will fight this poor decision when the measure comes up for a full vote. In addition, I will work closely with my Republican counterpart in the Senate to substantially cut that number.