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¨      Five confirmations of judicial nominations occured: 1) Julia Smith Gibbons, of Tennessee, to be U.S. Circuit Judge for the Sixth Circuit; 2) Joy Flowers Conti, of Pennsylvania, to be U.S. District Judge for the Western District of Pennsylvania; 3) John E. Jones III, of Pennsylvania, to be U.S. District Judge for the Middle District of Pennsylvania; 4) D. Brooks Smith, of Pennsylvania, to be U.S. Circuit Judge for the Third Circuit; and 5) Henry E. Autrey, of Missouri, to be U.S. District Judge for the Eastern District of Missouri.

¨      The Greater Access to Affordable Pharmaceuticals Act of 2001 - S. 812 - passed (78–21). This bill amends the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to provide for an accelerated date of approval for a generic drug application. The Senate voted to table the McConnell Amendment (57-42) to the bill, which limited the remedies available to patients that have been the victim of medical malpractice or defective drugs and medical devices. Senator Graham’s Amendment to provide protection for all Medicare beneficiaries against the cost of prescription drugs was rejected by a vote of 49-50.

¨      The Senate passed the Conference Report to the Andean Trade Promotion Bill this week by a vote of 64-34.

¨      Department of Defense Appropriations Act 2003 passed (95-3). It appropriates funds for FY 2003 for active-duty and reserve personnel in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force and for National Guard personnel in the Army and Air Force.

                        Reid Delivers for Nevada                    

 ¨  Senator Harry Reid secured $72.5 million for Nevada in the 2003 Defense
Appropriations bill. A portion of the funding will stop hazardous open-air
      weapons destruction at the Sierra Army Depot which causes polluted cross-winds 
      over No. Nevada.

 ¨   Senators Reid and Ensign of Nevada this week secured passage of the Washoe
       Tribe Lake Tahoe Act. This legislation will designate land in the Lake Tahoe
       Basin to the Washoe Tribe for traditional and cultural tribe practices.

 ¨   Senator’s Harry Reid and John Ensign coauthored several bills that are one step
       closer to becoming law. The Energy and Natural Resources Committee passed
       several bills out of committee and are ready for a full Senate vote for final passage.
       1. The Great Basin National Heritage Area bill will preserve the section of
       Easter Nevada and Western Utah’s historic landscape and conserve its natural
       resources while promoting evolution in a controlled environment.
       2. The Fallon Rail Freight Loading Facility Transfer Act will allow Fallon to
       purchase a parcel of government-owned land in the town of Fallon. This land holds
       a rail freight loading dock which currently employs over 400 area citizens. With the
       city of Fallon as owners they can assure the loading dock will remain open and
       keep people working.
       3. The Cold War Memorial legislation will build Cold War landmarks in Nevada
       to remember the significant role Nevada played in the important Cold War era.

 ¨   This week Senator Reid met with George Baker and Bill Hunt of Lake Las Vegas;
       Kim Hanson of Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge Complex, Dan Walsworth with
       California/ Nevada Operations Office; Bruce Yarwood and John Schaeffler of
       American Health Care Association; and T.J. Bonner with American Federation of
       Government Employees, National Border Patrol Council.

Floor Buzz:
Fall Schedule



 ¨Congress has adjourned for the month of August.  The
  Senate will reconvene Tuesday, September 3.

  ¨Tuesday, Sept. 3 -  The Senate will convene at
  9:30 A.M.  The Senate will immediately move to the
motion to proceed to H.R. 5005, the Homeland
  Security Bill.  At 12:30 P.M. there will be a vote on a
  judicial nomination.

  ¨Wednesday, Sept. 4 - The Senate will convene at
  9:00 A.M. and take up the 2003 Interior


   Reid's Words... Medicare


  “It’s very unfortunate that we didn’t finish the most
  important part of this legislation – updating Medicare to
  include prescription drug benefits. I have heard from
  many seniors in Nevada who must decide between
  paying rent and buying their medicine. They still do not
  have the relief they need. They deserve much better than
  this legislation.”

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