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      On Thursday the Senate passed the Legislative Branch Appropriations Act, 2003, by a vote of 85-14.  This bill appropriates funding
for Congressional operations for FY 2003

      This week, the Senate adopted the following two conference reports: 1) Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection
Act of 2002, (99-0), and 2) the Supplemental Appropriations Act for Further Recovery From and Response to Terrorist Attacks
on the United States (92-7).

      Cloture was unanimously invoked on both the nomination of Richard H. Carmona, to be Surgeon General and on the nomination of
Julia Smith Gibbons, of Tennessee, to be United States Circuit Judge for the Sixth Circuit. 

      The Senate also resumed consideration of S 812, The Greater Access to Affordable Pharmaceuticals Act of 2001, and agreed to a
motion to waive the Budget Act to permit consideration of the Rockefeller amendment which provides temporary State fiscal relief (75-24).

                        Reid Delivers for Nevada                    

       Senator Harry Reid secured $73 Million for Nevada transportation priorities
       in the 2003 Transportation Appropriations bill.  Funding includes $20 Million for
      Northern Nevada airports; money for road and mass transit improvements
      throughout the state; millions for Southern Nevada's Hoover Dam bypass;
      funding for Nevada/California Mag-Lev train; and financing for the Las Vegas strip

    As Chairman of the Energy and Water Development Subcommittee, Senator
       Harry Reid secured hundreds of millions for Nevada in the 2003 Energy and Water
       Appropriations.  The Nevada Test Site will receive $120 Million for restoration
       and improvements; of that, $37 Million will go towards the new Counter-terrorism
       center.  This is in addition to the $68 Million that Senator Reid previously allocated
       to the center in separate appropriation bills.  Finally, Senator Reid slashed $191
       Million from the Yucca Mountain Project.

    In 2003 Agriculture Appropriations bill Senator Reid set aside $1.5 Million for
       Nevada farmers to help control invasive species.

    Senator Reid secured funding for the Las Vegas Police Department's Hispanic
       American Resources Team (HART), which offers translators to police for calls
       into Spanish neighborhoods.

    Senator Harry Reid's legislation to re-evaluate adequacy and security at nuclear
       power plants passed the Environment and Public Works Committee this week
       and will proceed to the Senate for a vote.

    This week Senator Reid met with Dr. Suhaila Siddig, Afghanistan Minister of Health
       and Dr. Habibha Surrabi, Afghanistan Minister of Women's Affairs; Dale
       Scheideman, the Planning and Engineering Director for the Clark County School
       District and three NV Principals and the Executive Director of the NV Association
       of School Administration.

Floor Buzz: The
Week Ahead

 Monday - Senate Convenes at 4:00 p.m. and there will
  be a roll call vote at 5:30 p.m. on the confirmation of
  Julia Smith Gibbons of Tennessee to be U.S. Circuit
  Judge for the Sixth Circuit.  Two other judicial
  nominations may be considered.

  Tuesday - Senate is expected to finish consideration of
  S 812, The Greater Access to Affordable Pharma-
  ceuticals Act of 2001

  Wednesday - Friday - Senate will begin consideration
  of the Department of Defense Appropriations Bill no
  later than Wednesday and is expected to finish the bill by
  the end of the week.  Cloture will be filed on the motion
  to proceed to the Trade Promotion Authority Conference
, and the Senate is expected to finish consideration
  of this conference report prior to the August recess.
  Cloture will also be filed on the motion to proceed on
  Homeland Security prior to the end of the week. 
  Furthermore, next week the Senate may consider the
  Energy and Water Appropriations Bill, and additional
  judicial and executive calendar nominations are to be


   Reid's Words...

  "President Bush led his campaign in Nevada on the
  promise that he would let sound science determine the
  fate of the Yucca mountain site.  He signed the Yucca
  Mountain Project into law this week.  He misled the
  people of Nevada.  I wish to make it clear that despite
  President Bush's determination, we will continue to fight
  to stop Yucca Mountain."

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