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Governor Kenny Guinn
DATE: July 20, 2002
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Gov. Guinn's statement regarding President Bush signing House Joint Resolution 87

CARSON CITY - The fact that the President signed House Joint Resolution 87 does little more than end the political process. I have always believed that our best chance in defeating Yucca Mountain is in the federal courts, where impartial judges will hear the factual and scientific arguments as to why Yucca Mountain is not a safe place to store this nation's high-level nuclear waste.

In addition to our strong legal challenges, we now have the opportunity to unveil to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) the flawed science upon which the Yucca Mountain decision was based. The nuclear energy industry will no longer be able to use its political power and dollars to push ahead a scientifically flawed project. The NRC has the tremendous responsibility to determine whether Yucca Mountain should be licensed. Unlike Congress, the NRC is required to examine all the science before it can license this project. I am confident that once it does so, the NRC will also conclude that Yucca Mountain is not safe, and that the better decision is to explore safer alternatives that will not put at risk the citizens of our county. The NRC itself has concluded the nuclear waste can be safely stored at existing reactor sites in dry casks for at least 100 years, and possibly up to 1,000 years.