Thursday, March 07, 2002

A Copeland delegation was in Whitehall last week lobbying the government against proposals to Fast Track major planning issues such as a nuclear waste dump for Cumbria.

There is speculation that a Nirex style nuclear dump is once again being considered for Cumbria and Coun John Henney said of the government plans: "They look specifically tailor-made to take the decision-making away from Copeland.''

Copeland's head of development and environment, Brian White and Coun Geoff Blackwell were in London last week lobbying the government.

Coun Blackwell said of the government plans to take major planning issues away from local authorities: "The changes in planning law concern take away the decisions from locals is a worry.''

n In their own submission to DEFRA on the future of nuclear waste management, Copeland Council does, however, make a bid to be the administrative base for the Nuclear Waste Advisory Body.

The Copeland document states: "A new national independent Advisory Body is essential. It must include those with expert knowledge from within the nuclear industry, and the critics of the industry.

"The chair should be from an industrial, though non-nuclear background.

"Building on a skills and existing knowledge the organisation must be based, or have a strong presence in West Cumbria.''