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Salute for Nevadans who voted for Bush

A brief open letter to everyone who decided to vote for George W believing that he would not put a nuclear dump here. Way to glow!

Carson City

Abraham wrong from coast to coast

By now, we know that President Bush has hastily rubber-stamped approved the Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham's politically motivated and paid for by the nuclear power industry site recommendation forYucca Mountain as the nation's repository for high level nuclear waste, putting dollars before the health, safety and protection of the American people.

According to an article in the Las Vegas Review Journal, "Abraham previewed the DOE's response to Nevada charges that nuclear waste shipments might be vulnerable to attack or accident."

"This department has a 30-year-plus track record as they do in other countries as far as moving waste safely," he said. "In Europe they've moved as much waste in the same kind of form as we're talking about without incident"

He added that transportation routes and shipment schedules wouldn't be publicized.

Terrorists, he said, would have a clearer shot at waste kept in immobile on-site storage.

"The fact is the waste is already closer to the people every day of the week than it will be if it moves past a community for five or ten minutes," he said. We have a perfect track record."

In any other country, Abraham, since he cannot calculate how far it is from Point A, East Coast, to Point B, West Coast, (3,000 miles), would be disqualified from office, certified incompetent. Any school child knows that when traveling via truck or rail passed any big city across this country, takes more than five or ten minutes.

Perhaps Abraham is hoping the DOE is going to ship the waste in a special warp-speed flying machine, like on Star Trek.

The DOE's so-called perfect track record for shipping waste is pure science fiction. Not to mention the fact that 6-7 shipments a day or 100,000 shipments for 30 years is unprecedented.

And Yucca Mountain won't contain all of the waste already created, so another how many more shipments would be going to Utah, New Mexico and how many other states if we the people let the nuclear power industry have their way?

Since Sept. 11, we should be eliminating terrorist targets not creating more of them, said Rep. Shelley Berkeley.

Carson City

Its not federal land to use for waste

All law-making power is vested in the U.S. Congress, but the power to make laws is limited to the guidelines of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Those guidelines do not allow for making new states by legislative action. A compliance of statehood under the rules of Congress and under congressional rules, the U.S. government lays claim to much of each new state's lands.

In Nevada's case, the federal government claims 87 percent, according to Sen. Harry Reid. If Senator Reid's claim is right, then the federal government can use Yucca Mountain for anything they want. But according to the constitution, when a state is admitted into the union, the only land or thing the federal government can own is spelled out. It must be purchased with the consent of the state legislature and only for the use of forts, arsenals, magazines, dockyards and other needful buildings.

In plain English, the federal government claim to 87 percent of the state is a bogus, unconstitutional claim.


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