The Nevada Appeal


Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Only compensation for dump is ads

The only compensation that the state of Nevada is likely to receive from the Yucca Mountain project is lining former Gov. Bob List's pockets to spread front page propaganda for the nuclear power industry all over the media. He is being paid to promote the nuclear power industry's interests not the people of the state of Nevada, or the American people's health, safety and protection.

The state of New Mexico finally agreed to accept the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant nuclear waste dump based on financial promises from the Department of Energy. Here's what really happened:

1. No jobs - local residents were not hired. Out of 800 jobs created, 7580 percent were filled by out-of-state workers brought in by the contractor.

2. Unemployment went up since WIPP opened.

3. Local businesses moved away. New spinoff jobs and industries were not created as promised.

4. No money for roads- New Mexico had a court mandate to receive $57 million for highways and $20 million a year for 14 years. None of it has been paid to New Mexico.

Property Values and Nuclear Waste Routes Disclosure laws require sellers to tell potential buyers the truth if their property is located on a potential nuclear waste transportation route. This means that even if nuclear waste isn't already passing our homes, our property values will more than likely decrease.

Experience has shown that property values decline significantly along nuclear waste routes. In 1992, the New Mexico Supreme Court upheld a jury decision (in Santa Fe vs. Kornis) to award John and Lemonia Komis $337,815 in damages for perceived loss, due to public fear of the dangers associated with nuclear waste transportation.

Insurance Won't Cover Nuclear Accidents. Neither homeowners insurance nor health insurance covers problems caused by radiological accidents.

Check your policy! It will explicitly state that you will not be covered if your damage or illness is caused by a nuclear accident.

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