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DATE: December 6, 2001
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Gov. Guinn applauds Las Vegas Chamber decision to redirect dues to state efforts against Yucca Mountain

CARSON CITY - Gov. Kenny Guinn today applauded the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce for its decision to redirect the $3,000 in dues formerly paid to the U.S. Chamber to the state effort to fight the establishment of Yucca Mountain as a nuclear waste repository.

"Symbolically this should send a strong message to the U.S. Chamber on how Nevadans overwhelming feel about this issue," Guinn said. "I commend the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce for taking this strong stand to protect the business interests in Nevada."

The LVCC withdrew its membership from the U.S. Chamber on November 20, in response to the U.S. Chamber's lobbying campaign in support of the use of Yucca Mountain for nuclear waste.

"This issue is one that could seriously impact the future of business in Nevada," said Chamber president Pat Shalmy. "This contribution is one more way of demonstrating our resolve to keep this process from going forward."

On January 31, 2001, the LVCC Board of Trustees adopted a resolution opposing the storage of nuclear waste in Nevada. The resolution states that the health of Southern Nevada's economy, so heavily reliant on the tourism industry, could be jeopardized by the perception that Las Vegas is an unsafe destination due to its proximity to Yucca Mountain.

The Nevada Protection Fund will serve to support a legal defense team representing the state of Nevada on this issue. Additionally, the fund will pay for a public information effort in states through which nuclear waste would be transported en route to Nevada. The aim of the campaign will be to educate the public about the number of shipments of nuclear waste that would pass through their areas and the possible health and safety risks that would be posed by these shipments.