The Nevada Appeal

November 21, 2001

Leaders OK nuclear information campaign

Appeal Capitol Bureau

Nevada leaders on Tuesday approved a $1 million contract with Brown & Partners Advertising to spread the word nationwide about the risks of transporting nuclear waste to Yucca Mountain.

The campaign was ordered in Senate Bill 494, the $4 million Nevada Protection Fund designed to oppose federal efforts to locate a high-level nuclear waste dump in southern Nevada.

"Our mission during the course of this national outreach effort is to educate Americans on the harsh realities of transporting nuclear waste and give them the opportunity to challenge transportation of this dangerous material in order to protect future generations," said Gov. Kenny Guinn, who proposed the original funding for Nevada's Nuclear Projects Agency.

Agency Director Bob Loux said the campaign will try to reach families who "live unknown in the shadow of nuclear waste everyday."

He said the idea is to mobilize opposition to the dump and the massive waste transportation needed to move nuclear waste across the nation to Yucca Mountain.

The ad campaign was approved by the state's Board of Examiners, consisting of Guinn, Secretary of State Dean Heller and Attorney General Frankie Sue Del Papa.'

The U.S. Department of Energy plans to transport 77,000 tons of nuclear waste from around the country to southern Nevada.

Loux said it will take up to 140,000 shipments to do the job.

Mark Brown of Brown & Partners said Nevada is not alone in the battle against the Yucca Mountain project.

"This campaign will serve to educate and engage the hundreds of communities that are affected by nuclear waste and communicate that the transportation of highly radioactive materials carries with it serious risks from accidents or sabotage," he said.

In addition, the board agreed to accept a contribution to the Nevada Protection Fund of $1 million from Clark County. Several other communities from Pahrump to White Pine County have also voted to contribute to the fund.