The Nevada Appeal


Sunday, September 23, 2001

Good reason to stop nuke shipment

Guy Farmer's "Yucca Mountain: Going through the motions" made me wonder if after Tuesday, Sept., I 1 Spencer Abraham will be quick to recommend Yucca Mountain.

I wish now I had paid closer attention, but over the past few years there have been reports from France and Russia about a few ounces here and a few pounds there of uranium and plutonium that have disappeared. It only takes about 20 pounds of nuclear fuel to level a city.

When I think of the tens of thousands of shipments of nuclear wastes that are to be transported to a central repository, I worry about terrorists getting hold of a single one. That's all it would take: just one single canister.

The waste has been safe for at least 60 years, and so have we, and so has the free world. Perhaps the best thing to do is leave it where it's been. If I were head of the DOE, I wouldn't move the first container.


Edgecombe Community College
Rocky Mount, N.C.