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Thursday, July 12, 2001

Calder Hall may escape any costly effects from a radioactive fuel rods accident at its sister nuclear generating plant over the border at Chapelcross.

Twenty four rods were dropped two feet on to a reactor floor during a routine refuelling operation.

No more refuelling will take place at either Chapelcross or Calder Hall until operators BNFL discover exactly what went wrong at the Annan power station.

Calder Hall will be unaffected as there is no need to refuel. Three of the four electricity-producing reactors are working to full power and the other will be up and running by the end of this week after being shutdown for its annual maintenance.

BNFL say the reactor was completely refuelled before the Chapelcross accident.

There was no radiation risk from the Chapelcross incident.

BNFL said a remote controlled basket which changes the fuel rods came loose as it was being lowered into a cooling pond and fell.

"We are not investigating anything at Calder until we see what has to be learned from Chapelcross," said the spokesman.