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DOE respect? It's not only about the money

To The Oak Ridger:

In response to your editorial "Respect for DOE" I couldn't help but notice it was all economics, and for those thousands of us who are permanently injured or with fatal diseases due to DOE's and their contractors mismanagement of the plants, that means absolutely nothing.

What price do you put on your own life to better the community economically.

Your paper did a series of articles concerning my seven-year ordeal with DOE and Lockheed Martin for which Mr. Parson won a Tennessee Associated Press Managing Editors Association's award. He did an excellent job, as evidenced by his award.

I understand you need to report both sides of a story but it must be done with balance, economics vs. health and safety.

Economics looks big as long as it's someone else's health.

Factor in the economics of my medical expenses due to their management and the local pharmacy gets $60,000 a year and MMC gets approximately $150,000 a year and that's just one of many of their mistakes you're overlooking and that's economics I personally could do without.

"Respect for DOE" I've personally experienced their style of management and disregard for the truth, not a chance.

Ronald Morrison

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