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June 4, 2001



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The Maine-based environmental group, Friends of the Coast- Opposing Nuclear Pollution announced today that tidal areas adjacent to the decommissioning Maine Yankee Atomic Power Station will be the subject of a focused radiological survey. Under the agreement, Friends of the Coast and Maine Yankee Atomic will work together to contract an independent survey of tidal areas which lie just outside of the plant's federally licensed site.

The survey will target identifying and quantifying radioactive pollution deposited in tidal sediment during the Wiscasset reactor's twenty-four year history of operations. Also included in the study will be seaweed, salt-hay, and shellfish. The study will calculate potential radiation doses to a theoretical future resident of the site from the ingestion or use of marine resources from the Maine Yankee property shoreline. The areas that are named in the agreement are Bailey Point to an agreed on terminus south of the Ferry Landing, Bailey Cove, and the shoreline of Eaton Farm to Young's Point.

Friends of the Coast and Maine Yankee expect to seek a survey contractor later this year with the actual survey work planned for 2003. Raymond Shadis of Edgecomb, spokesman and negotiator for Friends of the Coast, said the survey will be timed to follow the final large volume (potentially-radioactive) liquid and airborne releases from plant demolition activities, including

reactor containment and spent fuel pool demolition. The survey will be linked to a previously agreed upon marine sediment survey, which is intended to identify and plot reactor-derived radionuclides deposited on the bottom of the Sheepscot River estuary.

Both environmentalists and the company agree that the surveys are unlikely to trace contamination levels that are comparable to on site clean-up standards.

The survey agreement comes at the end of an eleven-month period of technical review for Maine Yankee Atomic's Revised License Termination Plan. The plan, several hundred pages in length, was withdrawn for revision in order to reflect Maine's new, strict radiological clean-up standards and a previous agreement with Friends of the Coast that abandoned plans to bury radiologically contaminated demolition debris on the waterfront site.

In July a Nuclear Regulatory Commission Safety and Licensing Board Judge approved a delay in proceedings in order to facilitate the plan's revision and give an opportunity for Maine Yankee to address the concerns of License Termination Plan intervenors. Both the State of Maine and Friends of the Coast intervened just one year ago following the plan's original public presentation last May.

Shadis said, "The agreement is an alternative to litigating the issue before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which is both costly and uncertain. In the rare and unlikely event of a complete victory in the NRC's court, we would only succeed in adding red-tape to the project while achieving less for the environment."

"Maine Yankee has entered into this deal, in part, in order to pro actively address community concerns, whereas NRC won't even confirm if our Maine site clean-up standards are being met" he added.

Maine Yankee's Revised License Termination Plan was submitted to the NRC on June 1st. Maine Yankee has committed to working with the State of Maine and Friends of the Coast on remaining technical issues. All parties have agreed to ask the Atomic Safety and Licensing to hold any further proceedings in abeyance for ten weeks. At that time it is expected that a schedule will be set to submit any remaining issues the parties may wish to litigate.

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