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There is never any safe nuclear energy

Reno Gazette-Journal
June 2nd, 2001

There is never any safe nuclear energy

I want to bring to your attention research involving the relationship of childhood leukemia to radioactive materials.

There has been the discovery of childhood leukemia and cancer clusters near many sources of man-made radioactive contamination.

The sources are not only those from nuclear weapon use and development but also from mining, processing, the persistent and unavoidable discharges of radioactive materials from nuclear energy facilities, and waste storage sites.

The models on which safety and security are claimed have been shown to be in error by factors of hundreds. For further information please consult

Exposure to radioactivity not only results in immediate injury; in all living things it causes a greater susceptibility to subtle mutations and disease.

Inhaled and ingested radioactive isotopes are very dangerous. Materials ingested by pregnant women have been shown to result in infant leukemia. There is no safe nuclear energy.

There is only the suicidal satisfaction of ultimate military power and our energy addiction. Seasoned with greed. Itís time to terminate the nuclear experiment.

Charles Laws, Reno (via e-mail)

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