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Wednesday, May 30, 2001
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Yucca clout

To the editor:

Sen. Harry Reid has just notified us that the fix is in. He is not going to attempt to drastically reduce funding for the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository ("Reid intends caution with clout on Yucca," May 25). He does not believe that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission will approve the site. Really? He has to know better.

Now that the Democrats are in charge of the Senate, everyone who held their noses and voted for Bush/Cheney had to believe that at least Nevada had a chance of escaping the label of nuclear waste dump. Apparently not. Can't be done, according to Sen. Reid and the "experts." Then how did current minority Republican Sen. Pete Domenici keep the dump from going to the most geologically suitable site? That would be Sen. Domenici's New Mexico. I guess being in the Democratic leadership must be different than being in the Republican leadership.

Slightly less interesting is retired lawyer/columnist Barbara Robinson's take on this. It is still the Republicans' fault. Get real. There is plenty of blame for both political monopolies/parties. And, Ms. Robinson, having been a lawyer, I had assumed you might have read the Nevada state constitution. It specifically states that we cannot secede from the United States.

However, if you want to lead a fight to restore the right of secession to the citizens of Nevada, I am with you. Just tell me where to send the letters begging for our freedom.




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