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Thursday, April 26, 2001

NORWEGIAN anti-nuclear campaigners who anchored near Sellafield last week say they plan to return to the area and continue their campaign.

The group, called Neptun, claim Sellafield poses a threat to fish farms in Norway and wants to see the plant closed.

Neptun hired a trawler so its divers could try and take samples from Sellafield waste water pipes on the sea bed.

The boat, Genius, then sailed into Whitehaven harbour on Friday, before re-turning to Norway.

Andreas Dalen, of Neptun, said: "We do not think we can block the pipeline. That needs a bigger ship.''

He said they needed to organise a remote-controlled machine which could get close to the outfall pipe and obtain samples.

Mr Dalen explained why people had donated money to Neptun to carry out its work.

"What concerns the people in Norway is the potential impact on our fishing and fish farming industry.

"Radioactive technetium does not settle in the sediment, it circulates in sea currents and is now reaching Norway. There is no health risk yet, but it is a big worry to our fish farmers and fishing industry.

"Thanks to oil revenues people in Norway have good incomes and they are prepared to spend to try and stop Sellafield.''

Sellafield spokesman Nigel Monkton said: "We do discharge technetium periodically from our magnox reprocessing, but there are no adverse health effects from these discharges, which are all licensed.''