The Nevada Appeal

Guinn: Report more proof of Yucca bias

Wednesday, April 25, 2001

Gov. Kenny Guinn says the Inspector General's report concluding there isn't enough evidence to prove bias in the Yucca Mountain selection process is just more evidence of that bias.

"While I'm disappointed in the conclusion that bias could not be proven, aspects of the Inspector general's report enhance my belief that Nevada has, in fact, been unfairly targeted during the site selection process," said Guinn.

"We found several written statements in key Yucca Mountain evaluation documents that could be considered by an impartial observer to be prematurely conclusive or inappropriately advocating a position by the Department or its contractors," the report concluded.

But it said there wasn't enough evidence to prove bias compromised the site selection process.

Guinn said, however, that he hopes the attention focused on the energy department and its selection process will force them to shape up and focus on scientific evidence.