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Thursday, April 19, 2001

BNFL has dismissed one of Sellafield "industrials" for a chewing gum offence in a radioactive area.

The process worker appealed against the sacking and his appeal was being heard yesterday afternoon too late for the News to learn the outcome before going to press.

Chewing gum along with eating and drinking is banned from areas of Sellafield where radioactive operations take place.

In the latest incident last week, the young process worker from Mirehouse was sacked for chewing gum in the fuel handling plant. However, his union, the GMB, has pressed for his reinstatement, arguing it was a genuine mistake as the man had just reported for work and was crossing the barrier into the active area.

Other process workers were angered by the severity of the action in the light of their workmate's explanation.

Previously, a BNFL manager was disciplined for a similar offence but he was suspended, not sacked.

It is understood that a Sellafield agency employee who did lose his site pass for chewing gum in an active area may be given his job back after his case went before a BNFL Fairness Panel which examines inconsistencies in disciplinary measures.