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Thursday, April 05, 2001

ONE of Sellafield's managers has been disciplined for chewing gum in a radioactive area.

It is understood the BNFL employee was reported for the offence by a process worker in the same waste encapsulation plant.

Yesterday BNFL said: "We can confirm that an individual has recently been the subject of disciplinary proceedings as a result of an incident involving chewing gum in an active area. The action taken following those proceedings is a matter between the company and the individual.

"Disciplinary actions are regularly reviewed to ensure that the rules are applied fairly across the Sellafield site."

A meeting today of the site's Fairness Panel was expected to compare the disciplining of the manager and the punishment meted out to a contractor who had his site pass withdrawn for chewing gum in an active area.

Eating and smoking is banned from all plants where radioactive operations take place.