Dario Herrera
Board of County Commissioners
Clark County Government Center

April 3, 2001

Mr. Brian McKay
Chairman, Commission on Nuclear Projects
1802 N. Carson St. Suite 252
Carson City, NV 89701

Dear Mr. McKay:

I would like to apologize for not being in attendance at today's very important meeting. My duties as Chairman of the Board of Clark County Commissioners have made; it impossible for me to be in Carson City today.

On behalf of the Board of County Commissioners, I would like to reaffirm Clark County's strong opposition. to the proposed Yucca Mountain high level nuclear waste repository. In addition, I would like to express my support for the program announced by Governor Guinn during his State of the State address for the creation of a $5 mullion fund to conduct a national education/outreach program on the transportation of nuclear waste through the nation. As Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners, I recently delivered a State of the County message where 1, encouraged any fellow Commissioners to pledge an additional $1 million of Clark County's funds to support the Governor's education/outreach program.

Clark County, in cooperation with local government agencies and with Nevada's Agency for Nuclear projects, is preparing an assessment of the impact Yucca Mountain will have on Souther Nevada. Our initial data show that the Department of Energy's Draft Environmental Impact Statement is wrong when it predicts that Yucca Mountain will have no significant impact. Nevada in general, and Southern Nevada in particular, will be seriously harmed if Yucca Mountain is approved for use as a disposal site. Our current findings show substantial losses for businesses and individuals, as well as a threat to our health and safety. Declines in property values, lost convention business and gaining revenue are just some of the impacts that will occur before the first truckload of waste is slipped.

The persistent failure of the Department of Energy to seriously address the problem of transporting the waste to Yucca Mountain has complicated our impact study. For Clark County, the choice is not whether ox not the waste will travel through the County, The region's roads and rail network ensure Clark County will be used as a route to Yucca Mountain. The shipping program proposed by the

DOE is unprecedented in its scope and impact. Clark County remains committed to opposing Yucca Mountain and will continue its efforts that demonstrate the repository is a bad deal for Nevada.



Dario Herrera
Chairman, Clark County Commission