Pahrump Valley Gazette

March 15, 2001

PTS's Nuke Waste Advisory Board votes to take on environmental problems

The Pahrump Town Board's Nuclear Waste Advisory Board has added a new challenge - and taken a new name.

The board, according to its Pahrump Town Board liaison Mary Wilson, is going to start looking into environment issues as well and the Town Board voted to add that responsibility and reflecting it in the new name: Nuke Waste and Environmental Advisory Board.

"some of what we are working on anyway touches on (environmental issues)," Wilson said. "They felt that as long as they were touch on it a little bit, why not (get involved)."

Three of the five-member board are involved in nuclear science and the other two are "close to it, according to Wilson. She said in its new role: "One of the things we are going to be looking at is recycling" and noted that a speaker at the advisory board's last meeting "was the person responsible for putting together UNLV's campus recycling program."

"Groundwater Issues are another area the board will be studying because they are closely tied together (with the Yucca Mountain Project)," Wilson said. "They thought "Why not expand into water issues since we are not out of our purview."'

Wilson said there currently are two openings for full-time spots on the board and one part-time member.

"We are looking for a geologist or hydrologist or somebody who has background in environmental issues,"Wilson said