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Thursday, March 15, 2001

COPELAND MP Jack Cunningham is likely to go to Japan and help press Sellafield's case for more business from BNFL's biggest overseas customer.

He said yesterday he had been invited to make the keynote speech at the Japanese atomic industry's international conference next month and, as the focus was on reprocessing, he was inclined to accept.

"I will make a final decision in a day or two but I am under considerable pressure to accept and the Sellafield unions certainly want me to go," he said.

Dr Cunningham said he would want to fix up meetings with Japanese nuclear power companies to help try and win more business for Sellafield following the MOX fuel scandal.

"It would be a great opportunity to put the case for BNFL, Sellafield and West Cumbria," he said.

The MP heads the Sort Out Sellafield group which will meet Prime Minister Tony Blair on March 20.

Dr Cunningham said he had also arranged for the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate's top man Laurence Williams to meet the group at Westlakes 10 days later.

"This is a good step forward because we will get his views first hand about how the NII now sees things at Sellafield and what the prospects are," said Dr Cunningham.