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Letters to the Editor

Outraged by sale of DOE land for $54/acre

To The Oak Ridger:

I would like to express my outrage at the recent sale of 182 acres of DOE riverfront property to an Oak Ridge land developer for $54/acre.

As it was pointed out in an article by the Knoxville News-Sentinel, this property was deemed of significant biological importance by the Nature Conservancy, yet it was virtually given away, not to somebody like TWRA, but to a developer.

What do you think they'll charge for this property? I recently saw a piece of property near the intersection of Highway 62 and Outer Drive, and the Realtors wanted $40,000 plus for about 1.5 acres.

What's wrong with this picture? If I remember the article correctly, the government spokesperson said that they thought this was a fair value for this piece of property. It probably was in 1895!

Obviously the government's process for evaluating what property is worth is extremely flawed. Is it any wonder why most of the world laughs at us and the United States government is $6 trillion in debt?

Here was a chance to do the right thing and protect some of our water frontage and they blew it again. Whatever happened to "no net loss of wetlands"?

What a slap in the face of citizens who want to leave something of value to future generations! Shame on everyone associated with this.

Ron Hoff

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