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Thursday, March 08, 2001

COPELAND community representatives are set for an SOS showdown with Tony Blair at 10 Downing Street to try and get the green light for Sellafield's much-delayed Mox plant.

Copeland's MP Jack Cunningham has fixed up the meeting to be held a fortnight today on behalf of the Sort Out Sellafield Campaign which he heads up. It includes community and business representatives as well as nuclear site union officials.

On the same day Sort Out Sellafield members are also hoping to meet Peter Hain in an attempt to convince the new energy minister of the desperate need to start up the Sellafield Mox production plant known as SMP. It has cost 300 million to build but still can't operate without the government's say so.

The fate of the plant has hung in the balance since the scandal over falsification of data at the Mox demonstation plant at Sellafield in 1999.

Dr Cunningham said yesterday: "Members of the Sellafield Sort Out Campaign will come to London and lobby the Prime Minister and his advisors in the Department of Trade and Industry. They will be putting the case, fairly and squarely, for the commissioning of the Mox plant.

"I am determined to do everything in my power to get the government's approval for this plant because it is so vital for the future of Sellafield and its job implications on the economy of the area."

"It is a great opportunity to get our message across... I am quietly optimistic."