Kathren Myers, age 53

By Denise Nelson

Kathren Myers, age 53, featured in an article in the St. George
Spectrum on Jan. 27, 2001 died yesterday of breast cancer. She grew up
on a dairy farm in Mesquite, Nevada, downwind from the Nevada Atom

In her own words composed September 5, 2000 she states:

"I assumed I was a survivor. I thought the ordeal was past and I could
go on with my life. I was wrong, and this time, it seems the effects of
the chemotherapy are far more intensive as they were before: and it is
no longer a question of whether or not the cancer will take my life; it
is a question of when the end will come....

What I find so grossly offensive about this is that I qualified for
compensation through the Radiation Exposure Compensation act, which
itself is an acknowledgment by our government that it is responsible for
my disfigurement and the pains and fears I suffered. But then the
letter I received from the Justice department reads, "regretfully,
because the money to pay claims has been exhausted, we are unable to
send a compensation payment."