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Wednesday, February 28, 2001
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LETTERS: The Las Vegas Beltway

Bad traffic

To the editor:

The Las Vegas Beltway -- portions having been built with locally generated funds -- was originally conceived as, and should continue to be perceived as, a means to address local traffic congestion. As the beltway is presently configured, there is nothing to prevent the federal government from using it as a convenient route by which to transport radioactive waste enroute to Yucca Mountain, if that in fact becomes a repository.

Obviously we will not be able to prevent that scenario if we allow any other commercial traffic on the beltway. So why not ban all commercial traffic from our beltway? Not allowing commercial traffic would make it a more pleasant route for our local citizens while decreasing maintenance costs exponentially. Do we really want our new Beltway to look like U.S. Highway 95 or Interstate 15?

Perhaps by continuing to use only local money for the beltway we can dedicate it for the benefit of our local citizens and not for the convenience of commercial -- and perhaps "radioactive" -- interests.




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