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The Whitehaven News

Thursday, February 15, 2001


BNFL is back in court at Whitehaven next week - only five months after being fined 24,000 for similar alleged breaches of the Radioactive Substances Act.

Whitehaven Magistrates imposed the fines last October when BNFL pleaded guilty to failing to look after radioactive sealed sources on the Sellafield site.

The latest prosecution brought by the Environment Agency follows an investigation started last April.

It alleges that BNFL kept or used mobile radioactive apparatus without registration at Sellafield, also at its Drigg low-level radioactive waste disposal site and on the UK Atomic Energy's Windscale site at Sellafield.

A second allegation relates to BNFL keeping or using radioactive materials at Ramsden Dock, Barrow, and another that BNFL Instruments Ltd, a subsidiary, kept mobile radioactive equipment illegally at AEA Windscale site.

The Agency say there is a system of registration of radioactive sources essential "for the successful control of these materials in order to protect the environment and ensure no risk to human health."

The prosecution will come before Whitehaven Magistrates on Thursday, February 22.

Sealed sources are stainless steel tubes containing radioactive material and used for testing instruments which can detect radioactive leaks.