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The Whitehaven News

Thursday, February 08, 2001


SUSPENSIONS have been handed out to three Sellafield workers for putting offensive material on the nuclear site's e-mail system.

The three BNFL employees faced disciplinary proceedings for e-mail "abuse" and while the company would not disclose the outcome of the hearing it announced that no one had been dismissed.

However, it is understood that the trio, all industrial workers, were given 10 days suspension without pay.

Officials of the unions involved have also declined to comment but the punishments have been accepted as "fair and reasonable" especially as other employees have been sacked recently for non-compliance offences.

Six other workers employed by Sellafield contract and agency firms have also been disciplined for circulating similar offensive e-mail material.Like BNFL, the companies concerned have not disclosed the action taken, but there have not been any sackings. Some of the employees have been "put on probation" for up to two years and had pay docked.