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The Whitehaven News

Thursday, February 08, 2001


CND campaigner Peter Hain is the new Labour energy minister responsible for the nuclear industry.

His appointment to the Department of Trade and Industry has been slammed by the Tory party, including Copeland's prospective parliamentary candidate, Mike Graham.

Mr Graham said: "It is surely a retrograde step for Sellafield and Copeland. Peter Hain is well-known for his anti-nuclear views. As well as his long-term and current membership of CND he is also an opponent of civil nuclear energy.

"It is important for Sellafield and for West Cumbria that Mr Hain clearly states he will not effect any change in policy with regard to nuclear power.

"I call upon him to resign his membership of CND, whose current website states that it campaigns against the transport of nuclear materials, the reprocessing of spent fuel in the Thorp and B205 Sellafield plants, the manufacture of MOX fuels and other radioactive materials."

Mr Hain said he is 100 per cent behind his government's energy policy which, he accepts, includes a nuclear energy element.

l Mr Hain's appointment came in the Cabinet reshuffle following Peter Mandelson's resignation.