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Thursday, January 25, 2001
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LETTER: Not one man

To the editor:

In response to David Z. Chesnoff's Jan. 11 letter: Does he really think that one man, Edward Spencer Abraham, who is George W. Bush's candidate for energy secretary, will be able to place radioactive waste in Yucca Mountain by himself? It seems to me that for the past eight years the Democratic regime under President Bill Clinton has been pumping millions upon millions of taxpayers dollars into the Yucca Mountain Project for just this purpose.

Let's face it Nevadans: Whether we like it or not, whether we are Democrat or Republican, it is going to happen, regardless of which party happens to be in power at the time. We can see at this time the whole country is under an energy crunch. The oil producing countries are holding back their products, they realize there is only so much oil in the ground to supply the world's needs. Prices of oil and natural gas have risen time and time again, and yet there are environmental groups that are stopping future drilling of these products.

Unless some other form of clean energy, such as the sun, can be found to supply our needs, the world is going to eventually rely on nuclear power for this purpose. At this time, the federal government sees Yucca Mountain as the only potential site for this purpose and that's the reason it is spending those millions of dollars. But one man cannot be held responsible for this act.




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