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Omission of PACE Union from article inexplicable

I read your half-page article devoted to the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant in the Dec. 31 Paducah Sun. I read bullet-by-bullet of many of the extraordinary happenings at our plant in the last year.

I was amazed to discover, as I read this entire article, that not once was the PACE union mentioned. PACE members have been instrumental in the investigation of these events and have provided extensive support to every group involved with these issues. The failure to acknowledge PACE's high level of participation is, to me, inexplicable.

The article also wrongly mentions that the DOE hopes to do lung cancer screenings for employees at the plant. PACE, not DOE, is doing the lung cancer screening. This screening is ongoing and a significant number of current and former employees have been scanned. The scans are being done at the local PACE union hall. Local PACE workers are organizing and conducting these scans.

Neither I nor the organization I represent seek publicity for publicity's sake, but the omission of any reference to the PACE union in a story recounting the events that this one did is almost beyond belief to me. PACE has been and will continue to be a driving force behind discovering what happened at the plant in the past, and ensuring that appropriate action is taken. This union has led these efforts and any objective reporting on the issue could not fail to notice that. DOE is not doing mobile lung cancer screening of plant workers. The PACE union is.



PACE Local 5-550