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Bill Shipp, the lab director at the INEEL, says the INEEL's plans for the next 20 years include cleaning Idaho's nuclear waste sites.

 Journal file photo

INEEL: Taking care of Idaho's nuclear waste

By Anne Minard
Journal Writer
Bill Shipp, director of the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory, said cleaning up the state's nuclear waste remains a top priority for the site.
Following closely behind, he said, are plans to make sure the lab's legacy doesn't end with cleanup - but wi
ll instead be replaced with a long-term research program that will keep Idaho involved in worldwide nuclear research and developments.
The lab's long-term viability in nuclear research has been a recurring theme in public statements by a number of site officials throughout the past year, the first for the lab under management by Bechtel BWXT-Idaho, the contracting company that signed on late last year.
But Shipp said the goal is long-range, and he wants the lab to keep it in focus for a decade, minimum.
"There is usually a 10-year horizon from the time you have committed to the vision. If you change that every few years, you don't end up being competitive" in ways appropriate for a major institution, he said.
A major thrust in developing the lab's research expertise is gathering the human resources - a challenge in a climate where membership in technical and other programs has dropped off with the baby boomer generation.
The lab is forging partnerships with researchers across the region through the Inland Northwest Regional Alliance, a consortium of universities gearing their programs toward engineering, biology and chemistry research beneficial for nuclear programs.

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