The Paducah Sun
The Paducah Sun
Tuesday, December 05, 2000
Paducah, Kentucky

DOE site cleanup support to be sought at cities league
Robert Coleman, a Paducah city commissioner, plans to bring up the issue again at this week's convention.

By C.D. Bradley

Paducah City Commissioner Robert Coleman will be looking for help at the National League of Cities convention in Boston this week to expedite cleanup at the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant.

Coleman, a member of the league's energy, environment and natural resources committee, said the issue was discussed at last year's meeting and he intends to bring it up again in hopes of finding support.

"I expect to seek out what the NLC's position is with regards to nuclear facilities," Coleman said before leaving for the meeting Monday. He said the best outcome would be the "NLC pressuring the federal government to expedite the cleanup of the gaseous diffusion plant."

The cleanup is one of many issues Coleman and City Manager Jim Zumwalt will tackle at the convention.

"The city has been a regular participant for years," Zumwalt said. "The NLC is both a municipal interest lobbying group and a training and information organization for city governments across the country."

According to the NLC, 4,000 local officials are expected to attend the Congress of Cities meeting in Boston today through Saturday. The convention is billed as the first major public policy gathering of government officials since the Nov. 7 election. Kentucky League of Cities spokeswoman Carolyn Richardson said about 50 local officials are expected from the state.