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Former resident feels victimized

To the Oak Ridger

Susan Kaplan is correct when she states that multiple sources of I-131 must be considered when performing dose reconstruction for Oak Ridge residents. I have seen comments in some documents that Oak Ridge doses are overshadowed by the size of the doses coming from the Nevada test site.

My father, a plant worker, told us once that the radiation alarms went off and it was not from an in-plant leak, but drifting material from Nevada. (He died of multiple cancers in 1993). Please read American Ground Zero by Carol Gallagher to get a sense of the magnitude of this problem. You will be shocked.

I grew up at Robertsville Road and Salem Avene and believe I am suffering from I-131 induced hypothyroidism. One memory of childhood was the tremendous quantity of milk our family consumed. When will I be compensated for the increased medical bills and theoretically shortened lifespan due to these pollutants?

I thought I was lucky not to be drafted and sent to Vietnam. Little did I know that I would suffer the effects of war in my own back yard.

David Ashcraft
442 1/2 South 14th St.
Richmond, IN 47374

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