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Executive Director

November 21, 2000

Ms. Mary Clark
Bureau of Land Management
Nevada State Office
P.O. Box 12000
Reno, Nevada 89520

Dear Ms. Clark:

In response to the your notice regarding the U.S. Department of Energy's application to extend the withdrawal of 4,255.25 acres of public land in Nye County to maintain the physical integrity of the subsurface environment at Yucca Mountain, I am requesting that BLM hold public meetings to afford people the opportunity to provide comments and input on this matter. The meetings should be held at times when the public is best able to attend (i.e., evenings and/or weekends) and should be extensively publicized so as to make people aware of the opportunity for comment and the significance of the issue.

I am also requesting that you provide this Office with copies of DOE's application and other materials pertinent to withdrawal extension.

As you know, the Yucca Mountain project is an extremely controversial matter in Nevada. Any action BLM takes with respect to this project should involve the highest level of public awareness and involvement.

Thank you in advance for your favorable response to this request.


Robert R. Loux Executive Director

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