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Added - Monday, November 13, 2000

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Item ID: 003856198
Accession Number: ML003765830
Date Added: 11/9/00 9:15:53 AM
Title: Advisory Committee on Nuclear Waste -- Yucca Mountain Stakeholders Meeting
Author Affiliation: NRC/ACNW
Document/Report Number: R-0160
Item ID: 003856201
Accession Number: ML003766121
Date Added: 11/9/00 9:16:14 AM
Title: 11/02/00 - Memo to: S.F. Shankman From: C. Poslusny Subject: Summary of 7/20/00 meeting with Nuclear Energy Institute Attachments: 1) Attendance List; 2) Agenda and NRC Slides; and 3) NEI Slides
Author Affiliation: NRC/NMSS/SFPO
Document/Report Number: