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Your Views

A response to reporter's column

To The Oak Ridger:

Dear Mr. Parson, I've thought hard and long about your column of Oct. 25, "Must it all 'Go with the turf'?". I was not at the meeting at the Scarboro Community Center but I recognize the emotions you described.

It's a funny thing about newspaper articles. When the article is about a neutral subject, it is usually viewed as factual. But let the article be about yourself or about something you feel deeply about, then it's easy to be critical and think a reporter does not tell the whole story or is biased.

People's emotions, or their lives, are condensed down to a few sentences in an article. It isn't the reporter's fault. It isn't anyone's fault. It just is.

I personally believe that the residents of the Scarboro community have been given a raw deal. Recently the Paducah plant made the news when contamination was discovered outside of the plant area.

We already know that contamination from the K-25 plant can be found outside the plant area at the Boeing site. We already know that the DOE has withheld information from the workers. We already know that the DOE lied to the workers.

Why is it so hard to believe that the people in Scarboro are not affected too? Is it any wonder that some people are angry? Whenever people are sick, when their children are sick, when their homes are most likely contaminated by the very government who is suppose to protect them, that is where you are going to find high emotions.

I'm not trying to excuse rudeness. However, instead of viewing the comments made to you at the meeting as rude, think of the pain and frustration behind the words. Please don't take it personally. People with stories to tell need someone to listen.

I've read many of your articles and found them to be both factual and unbiased and it has never once occurred to me to say thank you. Please let me remedy that now.

Thank you.

Mary Pinckard
Coalition for a Healthy Environment
101 East Drive
Kingston, TN 37763

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